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Training Positions

Rehabilitation Medicine Training in Victoria

Rehabilitation Medicine Training Victoria was established in 2012 with funding from the Victorian Department of Health, to oversee Rehabilitation Medicine training in the state of Victoria.

Rehabilitation Medicine Training Victoria’s mission is to provide evidence-based medical education resources/support to Victorian Rehabilitation Medicine trainers/trainees and to operationalise the educational/academic principles established by the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine.

The application process for 2024 positions is site dependent. Trainees will have to lodge an application to individual health services for Rehabilitation Medicine Registrar positions. You will need to fulfil the criteria specified by each individual health service.

The closing date for applications is determined by employing institutions. This is usually between May and August of the previous year (with many sites opting for end of June), each year. Applicants are advised to check the exact date with the relevant facilities, along with the preferred method of application. Registrars will be notified from individual Directors, Unit Heads or designated contact person(s) from the respective health services that they have applied to regarding their application status.

This year RMTV has decided to provide a list of positions available to trainees to assist Registrars with their applications for 2024 positions. 

For a complete list of current advertised 2024 training positions in Victoria and contact details please click on the link below (this will be updated when jobs begin to be advertised in 2023 and updated weekly thereafter).

2024 Victorian Rehabilitation Training Sites Job Information