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Training Positions

Rehabilitation Medicine Training in Victoria

Rehabilitation Medicine Training Victoria was established in 2012 with funding from the Victorian Department of Health, to oversee Rehabilitation Medicine training in the state of Victoria.

Rehabilitation Medicine Training Victoria’s mission is to provide evidence-based medical education resources/support to Victorian Rehabilitation Medicine trainers/trainees and to operationalise the educational/academic principles established by the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine.

 RMTV proposes continuing with a further trial of “matching” for 2025 Rehabilitation Medicine Registrar positions, with a standardised timeline consisting of the RMTV Information Evening (in March), set opening and closing dates for applications and a set interview period, which culminates in a matching meeting between RMTV and representatives from each participating training site to formalise appointments.

 Trainees will have to lodge an application to individual health services for Rehabilitation Medicine Registrar positions. You will need to fulfil the criteria specified by each individual health service. After that, you will need to submit your job preferences (registrar priority list) to RMTV ( to be involved in the “match”. 

Below is a link with a list of the key dates for 2025 Victorian Rehabilitation Medicine Registrar recruitment:


For a complete list of current advertised 2025 training positions in Victoria, training site information and contact details please see the links below to each accredited Victorian training site (will be updated accordingly) – 2025 Victorian Rehabilitation Training Sites Job Information

The RMTV Registrar Priority List can be accessed below:

RMTV 2025 Victorian Rehabilitation Medicine Registrar Priority List

2025 Victorian Rehabilitation Training Sites Job Information