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RMTV Mentoring Program Overview

RMTV has formed a partnership with Dr Ina Schapiro (Aspire Performance Coaching) to facilitate a mentoring program for Victorian rehabilitation medicine. Dr Schapiro previously developed a multi-tiered Mentoring Program for the Flinders Medical Centre Emergency Department and later the Fellows4Fellows mentoring program in South Australia. ​

Dr Schapiro has offered to develop a Mentoring Framework for RMTV (model, timeline) to implement into our RMTV curriculum ongoing. ​The initial phase (or arm 1 of the program), Buddies In Training (BiT), commenced in November 2023, focusing on “matching” new AFRM trainees (who commenced in February 2024) with a more senior trainee to act as a peer support person for questions, concerns, guidance in their advanced training.

RMTV is continuing planning to launch the additional phases of it’s mentoring program initiative later in 2024. With current plans to begin training for mentors & mentees in the coming months.

Mentoring Programs

Mentoring Program:

RMTV has developed THREE separate arms of the mentoring program to cater for AFRM trainees at different stages of their training & professional development.