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RMSANZ Introduction to Musculo-Skeletal Clinical Examinations Workshop on Saturday 17th June

Dr Clive Sun
Royal Talbot Rehabilitation CentreAmputee Gym Level 2 Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre KEW, VIC, 3101

Buy Tickets - $100 AUD

Dear All,
RMTV is pleased to announce that the upcoming Introduction to Musculo-Skeletal Clinical Examinations Workshop on Saturday 17th June (9am-4pm) @Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, Kew has been confirmed, on behalf of Rehabilitation Medicine Society of Australia & New Zealand (RMSANZ). The event will be held in the Amputee Gym, Level 2 (Key: J/K4 on map below) and facilitated by Dr Clive Sun.
We have working behind the scenes to arrange the workshop this year - originally slated for May 27th. Apologies if people have planned their diaries with this previous date in mind.
Dr Clive Sun is a rehabilitation physician based in Sydney and has kindly offered to come to Melbourne to facilitate this session (again - which RMTV are extremely grateful). RMTV will reimburse attendees for their registration. If you are not an RMSANZ member, please consider a registration. For RMSANZ registration information,
Timing of this event is trying to optimise preparation for Module 2 examination but is open to any trainee keen on revising their MSK examination techniques and principles. To register for the event, click on following link (Registration should be available shortly):
Registration will be capped at 15 participants. Cost will be $100 for RMSANZ members & $150 for non-members. RMTV will reimburse registration costs for all Vic/Tas trainees. With reimbursement from RMTV, the total cost of registration should be nothing for current RMSANZ members (& @$50 for non-members). Reimbursement of $100 for all attendees will require: submission of invoice, credit card statement and bank account details to Lee for transfer to be processed. As RMSANZ are handling the registration process, please notify Lee MacDonald (Medical Education Officer, RMTV) once registered to assist with handling of reimbursements.
Kind regards,